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Tracy Jo Young asked 2 years ago

Hello, my name is Tracy and I am reaching out to u with Hope\’s u well your service can help me & my family for many yrs I have felt through my mother there was a spell/ curse is probably more the word I should use. These past 4month have proven to me there must be a curse placed on me that has carried to. My grown children  feel this may go generations back how do Ii determine  this.? Guess more important today is how to have a spell cast on a woman who is 50yrs old Donna Kinert  who was involved w my 30yr old daughter for past several yrs. This woman totally fooled me!! I absolutely loved her. She is the most evil vindictive liar , jealous and thief  I have EVER came across.!! All the sudden ( hand up on all I love) this woman has made my life living hell between locking me out physically and mentally abusing me, locked me out with most of my personal belonging, lies about me keeps stating on social media how she cant wait to see karma ruin me this woman has my life upside down to where I am homeless she just wont stop!??? I am or at least I try very hard to be kind, good person my nerves are shot everyday she taunts me will not let me have my stuff, I am so scared of her and have no fight in me. Wish I had the strength to report her for steeling from dollar general store in Manchester Pa where shes assistant manager she steels dog food for herself her 3kids, cat litter she damaged out a entire truck of frozen stuff committed welfare fraud and the list goes on meanwhile she continues to go as far as when she checks customers out she most times only brings up every other item and she gets away with all of this, lives in my house while I sleep on couches, my vehicle  ran up $800.00 electric bill in my name yes found out and cut it off she continues to pay lot rent on trailer park lot rent this trailer was my mom\’s I grew up there sorry to go on & on I\’m just so lost right now and my daughter is in county prison and wants her evicted  but I\’m scared how do I turn this curse around and place this negative,  unkind, behavior back on her I\’m to the point I want karma to bite her so hard at the point honestly want to see her experience   the ugly she deserves  to leave me alone I do not deserve any of this and feel it\’s time I see her go through hell I do not know the words I am needing to use but want her luck to go down and want to see her get what she deserves  want to see her finally have to take responsibility and everyone to see who she really is shoot I want to see her arrested and picture on front of of news how or what spell do I need to reverse her good luck to the worst luck 1 can have I am sry know that isnt nice being nice did me no good  after 4 month of hell I want this curse reversed and placed on Donna Jean Kinert  D.O.B 09/20/1969 THANK YOU for reading and looking forward to hearing back from u again thank you Tracy Jo