Rohith asked 9 months ago

I just read about you and thank you for your being very open about yourself, i am sorry about your mom, may her RIPMe and Ilinca (my lover) are still very much in love and it is pure but like i feel it will reduce because we both are in 2 different continents and she is super busy with her work as they are expanding their business, how do u think this will work because it if has to then she will have to leave all that behind and come to me….is that possible??I can take very good care of her and would love to have a family with her and settle down and grow old with her…as you can see i am deeply in love with her, ive had plenty of chances to move on and b with other women but i dont want t because all i know is i have one life here and i want it to be with the woman i love.I had initially did a tarot reading through a source in india and then she told me things like me and ilinca wer partners in last life but our marriage ended due to some unfortunate reason and that is why we met again this life to complete what we started, she told me that she can see a marraige happening between both of us, frankly i dont think thats possible without the help of someone pure and powerful like you,I actualli wrote a love spell my self where i wrote her name seven times and wrote my name over it 7 times and closed the circle with a spell i saw online (ANEWBIZ -Video on how to cast a love spell) i feel that was really lame of me as i had no clue what i did.Can you please help me hereIlinca loves me but i want our love to be unbreakable and i want her next to me…can this be possible.I want her to be loyal to me…i dont doubt her i just dont wana take any chance.I want a marraige with her.I should be able to keep her happy my whole life.