Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I desperately need help… Let me get into the topic in detail. I got in a relationship with my first lover back in April 2019. Things were going well, but since I was unsure of many things such as our future, my own confidence, his real feelings, our relationship eventually weakened and ultimately ended. Since then, it seems as if we can’t stay apart from each other too long. After more than a month of no contact, he returned to me as a friend and even though I knew I wasn’t over him at all, I let it be. We stayed friends and he even got in a 1-month relationship at the time. It ended because that girl cheated on him, needless to say I was thrilled despite being sad for him. He didn’t deserve that at all… but even during that relationship, there seemed to be some tension between the two of us and it developed to the point of me having my first sexual experience with him in November. Yes, we hadn’t done anything during our relationship since I was far too shy and body insecure to focus on my personal desire. Last month, he returned to me in a romantic sort of way mentioning how good our relationship would be, how happy we’d be and he even promised we’d get back together at New Year’s Eve. During the party, we were interrupted by my sister who harshly threw shade at him, making the whole room freeze instantly. After that, I confessed my feelings to him, but I think what had happened with my sister threw him off, and he rejected me with an excuse such as “I don’t have time to take care of a relationship right now”, which I find ridiculous because he was totally ready for it. I just need to revive our flame, it is evident we truly love each other (even our parents noticed!) but I need a helping hand to concretise our love. It’s been months now and I can’t wait any more, it is destroying me inside. I have read each and every answer that you have posted on quora. I believe you are a genuine spell caster and you can really help me. I have read so many positive reviews about Please give us a boost for us to finally be happy, please.