Devenald Sharma asked 2 months ago

I met Ashlee in January of 2010. She interviewed me for my very first sales job. We became friends. After a year or so she left the company. I left that company a year after that and started with a new company. A short while later she started there too. After a year after that, she moved to Australia. By the time she came back, I had started with a new company. She started at the same company too. I abruptly left that company. She left that company soon after. I did not talk to her for a better part of a year. At this point, I had lost a lot of weight. I began texting her again after realizing I had been in love with her all this time and didn\’t realize it. In March of this year, I told her about my feeling and said goodbye as she was already engaged to another man. On September 15, of 2018, she got married to that man. I want Ashlee to love me and be with me.Ashlee\’s date of birth: Apr/4/85Devenald\’s date of birth: Feb/18/77

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