is there is peaceful break up spell

is there is peaceful break up spell

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Emilio Raul Hernandez asked 6 months ago

my situacion is my 24 year old misstres and i have reunited recently how ever she kept a secret from me and just this past monday when she visited she braught her 5 month old baby with her that i didnt know about she not once mentioned this when we reunited a few months ago i asked her just how she kept getting away without her baby and she answered she would leave her at her moms i dont feel its right for her and i to keep seeing eachother children our our priority i myself am married though my children are grown and out of the house but if it were me i would never choose my lover over my children i know the type of person my misstres is thats why i need to cast a peaceful break up spell she can be quite vindictive shes not the type to simply walk away without causing problems had i known about her having a baby i wouldnt have recindled our afair what can i do

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