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[email protected] asked 1 year ago

Hello, my name is Sissi and I am really struggling with a broken heart. For almost three years ago I found the only guy my heart seem chained to, but he dumped me and left me with both tears, heartache and questions. I have tried since then to move on and find myself in love again, but everytime I do I find my heart in pieces on the floor due to the fact that I had already found my soulmate and his name is Stefan Palm. I have kept my feelings, hope and belife that he someday will may come back to me. I really can’t see myself with another guy but him and it would mean the world to me if he did come back so that he and I finally start to make our dreams come true and life the life that we planed. Plus I have this big dream of becoming a houseowner because I grew up in a house as a kid and that’s what I want for my kids to do as well, but when it comes to money I really earn too little from work to be able to affored to save so if lady luck could stand by my side for a little while when I bet on horses and football and allow me to win between 13 to 20 millions that would be a sweet thing. I have been siffering with both bad luck and sadness in love since I was a kid and even though I still remain my warm, thoughtful, kindhearted self. I am not helpful and kind to others so I can expect something in return because if that was the case I would have changed my personality years ago, but I haven’t and I won’t because then I would not be able to recognize myself, but I do at the same time feel like I deserves a few good things as a blessing. So if it is possible for you to cast a free spell for me so that my Stefan Palm did came back to me and to have lady luck on my side for a little while than I would be most greatful, but if it is impossible I do thank you for your time.I wish you a good day.