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Silvio Junior Mengana asked 1 year ago

I want her back in my life to love me again and apologize for betraying me and lose her friends to be with me only and trust me only me and stay with me no matter what Yes.. permanently.. I don’t want her to leave me.. please bind her and make her very committed to me alone and for us to have 3 kids that we plan to have after we’re done with school please!.. That’s exactly what I need.. I want her to love me.. and will stay with me no matter what.. and will do the absolute most horrendous crazy things to be with me alone.. most importantly her being real faithful and only trust in me.. besides her family and her fake friends that she’s surrounded right now.. never go to any man but me.. and will always keep promises that me and her will bring.. she’ll always love me even in the most crucial times.. please help me..