Pros and Cons Free Black Magic Spells
What are some of the things about humans that make you sad?

This question was asked by someone on Quora and I wrote an answer. Later, I had to delete it because few intellectuals thought I’m misguiding people and trying to advertise myself. I believe I was the round peg in a square hole & that’s why they didn’t like my presence/answer.

This was my answer —


Want everything in life for FREE!


Warning: If you are a non-believer of black magic spells, do not read it further.

Indeed there are people who do not believe in God, ghosts, black magic, etc. I’m perfectly okay with that and respect their point of view, however, your non-belief would not nullify their existence.

So this is about my profession – spell casting.

I sold my business before dedicating myself totally to this profession. I had been learning & practicing black magic from a very young age though. I thought of helping people for free, educating them about black magic spells and safeguarding them from getting scammed as the Internet is full of scammers who claim to be “spell casters”. I invested in getting a website ready and published few articles that gave knowledge about black magic, how to find a genuine spell caster, etc. Soon I started getting requests for FREE Spells. So far so good.

Of every 10 requests that I used to get, I had to decline 3 because of their complexity. To make people understand, I published an article about Basic Spells vs. Powerful Spells that explains basic differences between the two. While basic spells are simple, slow, weak in penetration and often done for free because of the inexpensiveness of the required commodities, Powerful spells, on the other hand, are superior, fast, extremely powerful in penetration and expensive because of the cost of the commodities. So the reason to decline those cases was the requirement of powerful spells in them, which are very expensive as explained. I always use to tell the reason for declining any request and while some of them use to accept my decision politely, most of the time I get a bashing in reply. People believe I’m trying to charge them for my services when as a matter of fact, powerful spells are indeed expensive to cast. The commodities required to cast a powerful black magic spell are difficult to source, not easily available and sometimes, a bit of thing that are not fully legal. The biggest irony is people want me to spend from my own pocket to do a powerful spell for them. I mean I acknowledge I’m here to do free spells for you, but do you really think I would spend hundreds of dollars to do an exclusive spell for you? When I try to communicate the same thing, I often get labeled as “just-another-scammer”!

Take a situation. You are a great consultant who is willing to offer your services to small enterprises for absolutely free of cost. Let’s say you are willing to give 36 hours of free consultation, but limited to domains that do not require extensive research at all. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. Out of nowhere, I ask you to help me with areas that require a considerable amount of research, traveling, on-field activities, surveys, hiring external human resources, etc. and the overall expense is going to be somewhere around $300. Would you really put $300 out of your pocket to help me out when you are getting absolutely ZERO return after providing your services to me? I bet you won’t! How would you feel when you politely decline to help me citing the reason and I start abusing you, call you scammer for falsely advertising to help for free? I hope you can see where I am coming from!

Then there are people who say “Please take my case as exclusive and help me. I really don’t have any money”. Well, my utmost sympathies are with you, but do you really think you are the only one who requests me to take their case exclusively? Almost every third or fourth person does that when I decline their case because of the cost. Tell me how many “exclusive” cases should I take and spend from my own pocket? Trust me, powerful black magic spells cannot be done in $10 or $20 or $50. Let’s leave everything aside and assume that a powerful spell costs me $50 to cast, but that’s also Rs.3000 in my local currency, which is still a considerable amount. And as a fact of the matter, even you wouldn’t like to spend $50 on some random dude! True?

Apart from that, I have a section on my page that says “Free Products“. I sell products such as Rosewater for black magic love spells, curse protection thread, Fortune spell thread, etc. for $0. Yes, you read that right. ZERO DOLLARS! While I ship these items for free across India through Inland post, I do charge for International shipping. And guess what? People ain’t willing to pay for International shipping either! They want me to ship the product internationally that’s already available for $0, at their doorstep for absolutely free of cost! Truth is, I don’t make a single penny on shipping charges and if you ever feel I’m making money out of it, I’m willing to show the invoice from logistics company (India Post). I just don’t understand what exactly do these people think? Do you think that a billionaire is running this website who has money lying at disposal in his bank account to spend on FREE shipping or maybe to do your “exclusive” cases? Or do you think I can do money spells on myself and get thousands of dollars in my bank account every day? If that’s what you think, I would encourage you to read myths about money spells. You will get a clear idea of how it works and why I couldn’t become a millionaire by doing money spells on myself. You know the biggest issue is the volume. Due to the ‘FREE’ tag, I receive hundreds of email daily, if not thousands. Let’s say I receive 400 emails daily on an average. Out of these 400, even if 50 people demand me to take cases of powerful black magic spells ‘exclusively’, imagine how much money I will have to shell out every day!

I’ve also met people who have better knowledge than me in the domain of black magic spells, and still, they seek my services. Yes, such people do exist! There are few cases that need to be solved in multiple steps and it does require powerful spells. Let’s assume it takes 3 different powerful black magic spells to achieve the desired result. When I pass on the same information of people, they would instruct me to do a part of it and that too using a basic spell. They’d say “Leave the rest two steps, just do this one. Try to do it with a basic spell.” Wow, that’s an amazing suggestion by the way! If you are so professional and know the inside out of black magic spells, why are you even contacting me? It’s like you call a plumber to fix a broken pipe and then instructing him how to fix it. If you are really that intelligent and know the procedure to fix a broken pipe, why did you even call the plumber? You could have gone to the market, bought required equipment and fixed the pipe, right? So when say I that a certain spell does require multiple steps to achieve the result and require powerful spell, with all due respect, refrain telling me how to do and what to do. If doing a part of it was possible, I wouldn’t have suggested you the other two steps. I always try to offer a solution through basic spells, but if a situation is really complex, I need to introduce you to the powerful black magic spells and tell you the steps involved. Trust me, using the word “powerful black magic spells” is the last thing I would like to do. Initially, I try finding a solution through basic spells only. Just the way Google Maps tells you the shortest distance to your destination, I also prefer coming up with a cheapest possible solution.

I have been abused by people more times than I can remember because basic spells took longer to show results! Whenever I do a basic spell, I make it very clear that these spells are weak and have less penetrative power and hence they are slow. They may take anywhere from 6 to 8 months to show results. People agree happily initially because they are getting it for free, but after waiting for few weeks, they start telling me that my spells are useless and do not work at all! My question to them is didn’t you agree to wait for 6-8 months to see results initially? You could not be patient enough even for few weeks!

Oftentimes I realize the fact that I shouldn’t be doing anything professional for free. People are never going to value my time & efforts for such things. They will always expect more out of it. No wonder why people say “If you’re good at something, don’t do it for free.” Probably because people will never value what they get for free. But then I keep these thoughts aside and think about people who are getting scammed by some Nigerian, Indian & Amercian dudes on the name of spell casting. These scammers are adding a bad name to this profession. I won’t say it is a noble profession, but yes, if you use it for good it could be beneficial for people.

So the purpose to write this answer was to educate everyone and make you realize that if someone is offering something for free, do not take advantage of them. Respect their decision and profession. You are not giving them anything in return for their services, you can show some respect, to say the least. If someone is charging you for out of pocket expenses, don’t jump to a conclusion and start abusing them or calling them “scammers”. You really don’t know how many requests he/she gets daily that requires him to shell money out of his pocket. Who would compensate for this? Would you? Absolutely no! Because you wanted that for free! Be a logical thinker and before calling anyone scammer for not giving everything for free, try to put yourself in their shoes and then decide.

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