Myths and Misconceptions about Magic Spells

This guide helps shed some light on the common myths about spells and magic.

Myths and Misconceptions:

  • Magic is evil – magic is not evil… it is a way to focus your mind and body in a positive way to influence your life and your surroundings.
  • If I have a spell cast bad things will happen to me – Not true.  Some people will stub their toe or catch a cold after a spell has been cast and attribute that to the spell.  Nope, you just stubbed your toe and naturally caught that cold.
  • Spells are fake… like Harry Potter – I can assure you the having a spell cast for you will result in positive changes in your life.  However, you should not purchase a spell if you’re expecting it not to work or you have a negative attitude about it.  In that case, it likely will not work.
  • Spells will negatively interact with each other – Untrue.  You can have multiple spells at one time hard at work in your life.  I suggest not having too many, though, as it’s helpful to keep your mind focused on a reasonable amount of aspects of your life you’re looking to improve upon.

I’ve been practicing witchcraft for a little over 37 years now.  Starting when I was about nine-years-old, my spells were quite different from what they are now (e.g. toys, candy, boy bands, etc.).

Regardless of my motivation, the practice and realization that through witchcraft and focused, positive thinking, I was able to influence the world around me, was a life-shaping experience.

Anyone that’s ever wondered about witchcraft, spells, magic (real magic) is encouraged to try out one of my spells.  See for yourself how spells can positively influence your life.  It may be enough to convince you to look into casting spells yourself.  If spellcasting isn’t your cup of tea, I’m happy to continue to cast spells for you.

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