Myth about money spells – Money spells that work

money spells that work fast
Money spells that work fast – Leave aside working fast, do they really work?

There are only a few things in life that could excite anyone. ANYONE. Ice-cream, shining red Ferrari, and good sex are those things. But one thing that tops the list is Money…a multi-million dollar bank account!

Everyone wants to be rich; I mean who doesn’t? Even I want an abundant amount of wealth and I’m not talking about “rich” rich…I’m talking about Arab rich! which means keeping a million dollars in pocket and then losing that pant! Having a gold-plated Ferrari, Diamond studded iPhone, a mansion bigger than Buckingham Palace!

I believe this is the reason I receive at least 150-200 emails daily citing various reasons for requesting money spells to be cast for them. I thought it’s better to write an article about it than answering their emails/requests individually. It’s a very common question and a good formula for scammers to scam people out of their money. But do money spells work in the way they are perceived? How can some spell casters promise to make you a millionaire overnight with money spells when they themselves ask you for money for casting money spells?


  • Myth: A money spell can make you a millionaire overnight or may help you to win a million-dollar lottery.


  • Fact: No, money spells do not work in that way. It’s way different from what it has been promulgated by scammers.


Explanation: I’ll tell you a little secret – I did a money spell for Bill Gates and that’s the secret of his riches. I’m not kidding! Well, I am. Because money spells are professed in exact same way. Money spells do not tend to make you rich overnight. Oh, come on, if that had been the case, why would I be wasting my time in sitting behind my computer screen and replying to your emails when I had the option of casting a money spell on me and getting multi-millions in my bank account the succeeding day? I wish I could do that. Even I dreamt of owning a mansion and a couple of Rolls Royce parked outside it. A big golf course in the back of the mansion and a huge swimming pool in front. I wouldn’t shy away from admitting that I’m a great daydreamer!

I don’t want to sound rude, but people sometimes need to use their common sense. Especially those who pay spell casters to do a money spell for them. If money spells actually had the tendency to make you rich, why can’t you ask your “psychic” spell casters to do the money spell for you first and when you get the money you can pay them as much as they want. It’s a simple and sweet deal, isn’t it? Well for you it might be, but definitely not for them. All they are trying to do is to scam you, so please use your brain and figure out that on your own! It’s nothing but your greed (or maybe your helplessness) that makes you pay to a spell caster for doing money spells. A genuine spell caster will always tell you the truth about money spells.

It’s quite frustrating for me when I hear people saying that they got scammed by some random African scammer because they paid him/her for doing a money spell! Honestly, this is the most stupid thing I hear every day. I do not blame you entirely for this because money spells are projected that way and a layman would not try to dig in to understand the truth behind it. However, I do blame you for not using your common senses. It’s like me giving you few milliliters of Gas so that you can give me a gallon of it in return.

So how do money spells work exactly?


Perhaps this is the most crucial information in the entire article, so I would request you to read this thoroughly. Money spells do not have the tendency to attract plenty of money overnight. In fact, no spell manifests overnight. So, the honest answer to this question is money spells will only juice up the sources of your revenue. Suppose if you were making $10 a day, you may start making $50 a day (random figure) when the spell manifests. If you don’t have a job, you may get a decent paying (that’s another spell though). But you cannot expect everything to happen on its own. You will have to keep on trying and money spell will boost your chances of earning. You should not expect $50 to flow into your account every day when the spell manifests. You will have to continue your work and money spell will do its job. If you have a business, it will multiply the sources of revenue and sales. That’s how it works!

Will money spells help you in winning a lottery?


No, it won’t. If that was possible, mine would be the only name on the list of lucky winner in all lottery competitions across the country.

So, after this, I will expect that you will use your acumen and you will never barter money for lots of money, especially with a scammer, and if you do so please do not write to me explaining how you lost your money and how cruel is life! 🙂

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2 Responses
  1. Ever since i came to this world I have not seen my father so now you are my great father,counselor and helper.Thank you very much.

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money spells that work fast

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