Lucid Dream Spinning

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Recently, I posted an article on a frequently discussed topic – Lucid Dreams. If you have no idea about lucid dreams, or if you wish to learn a bit more it, you may do so by visiting this article on What are lucid dreams? Since it is a broad topic, I have divided it into multiple articles and I would be providing relative links to all the previous articles in every new post. There are plenty of articles on the internet that talks about lucid dreams quite openly, but I have noticed that most of them are filled with complete BS. Read what a genuine spell caster has to say about lucid dreams!


Today, I will be talking about dream spinning and other sub-topics of lucid dreaming. So what exactly is a dream spinning and how free spell casters succeed in inducing lucid dreams?





1. Notice when the dream begins to fade ­ The visual sense is the first to go when a dream fades, with touch being the last. The dream may begin to lose color, clarity, and realism, and take on a cartoon­ like appearance. The light may grow dim or your vision weaker.

2. Spin as soon as the dream begins to fade ­ As soon as you notice the dream fading, stretch out your arms and spin like a top with your dream body. You can spin any way you like, but you must feel the vivid sensation of movement in your dream body, not just imagine it.

3. While spinning ­ remind yourself that the next thing you see will probably be a dream.

4. Test your state wherever you seem to arrive ­ Keep spinning until you find yourself in a stable world, you will either still be dreaming or will have awakened. Carefully test which state you are in, i.e. read a text, look at a digital watch.

Commentary -­ Frequently dream spinning creates a new procedure, or the just ­faded dream may be regenerated. By repeatedly reminding yourself that you’re dreaming during the spinning, you can continue to be lucid in the new dream scene. If while you are dream spinning your hand hits the bed, don’t automatically think you’ve woken. If you’re spinning in your dream body, then it is a dream hand and a dream bed.


Lucid Dreaming for Problem Solving


1. Formulate your intention ­ Before you go to bed, think of a short phrase about what you want to dream about, e.g. “I want to visit San Francisco, or “I want to tell my friend I love her.” Write down the phrase and perhaps illustrate it, and memorize the image. Underneath the target phrase, “When I dream of (the phrase) I will remember that I am dreaming.”

2. Go to bed ­ Without doing anything else, turn out the light and go straight to bed.

3. Focus on your phrase and your intention to become lucid ­ Recall the phrase and picture, and visualize yourself dreaming lucidly about it. Meditate on the phrase and your intention to become lucid until you fall asleep, letting other thoughts pass.

4. Pursue your intention in the lucid dream ­ Carry out your intention while in a lucid dream. Ask what you want to ask, do what you want to do. Be sure to notice your feelings and be observant of all details in the dream.

5. Remember to awaken and recall the dream ­ When you achieve a satisfying answer in the dream, wake yourself up by going back to your dream bed, blinking or otherwise withdrawing your attention from the dream. Immediately write down at least the part of your dream that includes the solution. Even if you don’t think your question was answered, still write the dream down. You may find on reflection that the answer was hidden in your dream and you didn’t realize it at the time.


Lucid Dreaming to Overcome Nightmares


It is useful to confront threatening characters in a dream or nightmare and turn it into a lucid dream by beginning your own dialogue with them. You could ask the following:

“Who are you?”

“Who am I?”

“Why are you here?”

“Why are you acting the way you are?”

“What do you have to tell me?”

“Why is this happening?”

“What do you want from me?”

“What questions do you have to ask me?”

“What do I most need to know?”

“What can I do for you?”

“What can you do for me?”


Conversing with Dream Characters


1. Practice imaginary dialogues in the waking state ­ Chose a recent dream in which you had an unpleasant encounter with a dream character. Visualize yourself talking to them, and initiated a dialogue using the above questions or any of your own. Don’t let critical thoughts interrupt the flow, such as “I’m just making this up,” or “This is silly.” Terminate the dialogue when it runs out of energy or when you have your resolution. Evaluate what you did right or would do differently next time.

2. Set your intention ­ Set the goal for yourself that the next time you have a disturbing encounter with a dream character, you will become lucid and engage the character in dialogue.

3. Converse with problem dream figures ­ When you encounter anyone with whom you have a conflict, ask yourself whether or not you are dreaming. If you find that you are, stay and face the character, and begin a dialogue with one of the opening questions above. Listen to the character’s responses and try and address their problems as well as your own. See if you can make friends or reach a resolution. Wake yourself up while you still remember the dream clearly and write it down.

Evaluate the dialogue ­ Ask yourself if you achieved the best result you could, or how you could improve it next time.



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Lucid Dream Spinning

Hola folks! Recently, I posted an article on a frequently discussed topic - Lucid Dreams. If you have no idea about lucid dreams, or if you wish to learn a bit more it, you may do so by visiting this article on What are lucid dreams? Since it is a broad topic, I...

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