Free Pregnancy Spells
Facts about Pregnancy Spells

If I have to make a list of requests that I get very often on the basis of their frequency, I would rank free pregnancy spells on 5th. Surprising, isn’t it? Yes, it’s one of the most common requests that I get and believe you me people are totally ill-informed about how pregnancy spells work.

So let me talk you through some facts about pregnancy spells.


What are pregnancy spells?


It is actually a layman’s term and totally different from what it is actually referred in the world of black magic spells. I wouldn’t go into common name & black-magic-name phonetics. As I said, people blindly follow the diction and presume it works in the way it appears. It doesn’t. Pregnancy Spells (let’s call it that for better understanding) help in conceiving, but not in the way you believe they do. People assume that a free pregnancy spell done by spell caster would help them in conceiving the very next time they will have sex. Well, had that been possible, barely any woman would remain sterile in this world. Doing a pregnancy spell is a difficult affair. With all due respect to other genuine spell casters, it’s not something that any random dude can do. After all, you are indirectly giving a new life. Just the way casting a death spell isn’t easy, pregnancy spells aren’t easy to do either.


What are the complications in casting a pregnancy spell? Why are they difficult?


As described, giving or taking a life isn’t easy at all. People think spell casters can kill anyone while sitting comfortably in their rooms and by reciting some random spells. If that was possible, I would have done death spells on all the mafias and terrorists for sure. We wouldn’t need Police or the Army then as spell casters can do their job comfortably and anonymously without risking anyone’s life. I hope you see where I’m coming from! Hence in a similar manner, it’s not possible that I recite some spells at night, perform some rituals along with it and within few days a new life will magically appear in your womb. The biggest roadblock in performing a pregnancy spell is the lack of knowledge — who is actually infertile. Whether it’s the father or the mother. Please understand the fact that this is the most important step before doing any pregnancy spell because in that case spell has to be done on the partner who is infertile. We can not do pregnancy spells on both individuals because of obvious reasons. Spell for woman infertility is different than male infertility spell. Unfortunately, of all pregnancy spells request that I receive, 98% people don’t even know who amongst them has infertility issue. All they know is they had sex multiple times, but she didn’t conceive.

There are plenty of spell caster (read scammers) out there who promise to deliver results within 48 hours even without knowing the infertility issue. Well, it should not take more than this to make red lights blink in your mind.


So what does it take to do a pregnancy spell?


Simple – Information. You must who is infertile. Spell needs to be done on the individual and not on the couple.


What if I don’t know?


I have a solution to that too, but it is time taking affair. Consider that if casting a pregnancy spell with concrete information would take 20 days, casting a spell without proper information would take approximately 45 day’s time. You must be thinking that I said it’s not possible to cast the spell without having information, so why am I contradicting myself now? Well, I would encourage you to re-read that again. You will get the answer.


How is it done?


It would be difficult for me to describe the overall procedure because it requires powerful spells to be done, but it is certain that casting this spell takes time and so does results. Ritual to complete a pregnancy spell takes anywhere from 20-25 days and you can add another 3 weeks before you get results. Within this timeframe, you are required to take few precautions very strictly that would be advised by me and at the same time, you will have to perform a couple of rituals on your own, again which would be described by me.

After completing the ritual I will ship a thread to your address and you are required to wear the thread on your right arm until I ask you to remove it. This is a mandatory step and it can not be avoided.


Can we get results with a basic pregnancy spell? Are there free pregnancy spells?


Now, this is a tricky question. Almost every request that I receive, people do ask for a free pregnancy spell. For me, free means a basic spell. I would encourage you to read this article that describes the difference between a basic spell and a powerful spell.

So my answer is — No, we cannot perform free pregnancy spells as there are no basic spells for pregnancy. I’ve already mentioned that it is a complex procedure and results can not be achieved by a basic spell. When you will read the difference between the two, you will have a more clear idea of why free pregnancy spells won’t work in this case. Trust me, it is a difficult task. Giving or taking a life not something that could be done by a casual spell caster.


How much would this procedure cost?


I always hate to talk about financials, but if you are actually serious about this, then you may contact me. There are no free pregnancy spells (basic) to be honest and if anyone promises to do that for you, he/she is taking you for a ride. Believe me. I can not throw a random figure without understanding the whole situation clearly. In fact, I won’t even accept most of the cases and as a principle, I will not comment on my decisions to accept or reject a case. So I will only be able to come up with the estimated cost to perform a powerful spell once I have all the required information.

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