Genuine spell caster – How to get one?


Hey Folks,

I’ve been asked this several times; especially whenever I reject a request for spell casting – “How can I find a genuine spell caster?” Well, this is an intelligent question and you must read this in detail before hiring a spell caster; whether it’s free or paid!


Finding a “genuine” spell caster online is definitely like finding a needle in a haystack. In rare of the rarest situations, you are going to strike chords with a genuine spell caster. Most of these faces behind the keyboard are going to be unemployed, hungry scammers or novice kids who have become word-perfect in a couple of spells and boast themselves as “spell caster”! I must say never try to play with the emotions of people who are vulnerable & looking for help. Always remember that karma has no menu. You are served what you deserve (I’m looking at you, scammers!).

Fortunately, I’m listing down few points that would help you in finding a genuine spell caster. Please do remember that you are responsible for filtering & hiring spell caster using your acumen coupled with my suggestions listed below. These are some of the very important points that you must look for before hiring a genuine spell caster, and if things do not work in the way listed, it’s certainly a red flag for you.


Let’s begin – Tips for finding a genuine spell caster


Guarantees 100% success

The easiest way to filter out a scammer vs. a genuine spell caster that a genuine spell caster can never, ever guarantee 100% manifestation of the spell and guarantees results. That’s impossible! Spell casters aren’t God and they do not have the final say in the manifestation. The whole thing is dependent on spirits and spell casters are only responsible for pleasing and commanding the spirits.


Ask for money

Hah, well that’s the reason why you are here. You are looking for a free spell caster because you are sick of some African dude asking anywhere from few dollars to hundreds of dollars, and in some cases even thousands of dollars! This is the most common way of understanding that the man behind the screen is a rip-off. The Internet has become an easy way of making money and an equally easy way of ripping off innocent people. Almost every spell caster asks for money, but hey, there are always two sides of a coin. Just because a spell caster is asking for money doesn’t always necessarily means that he/she is a scammer.

Yes, the spell caster wants your money- even the genuine spell caster do- It’s their livelihood. But some will tell you virtually anything to get it. Pay attention to details and remember that if something sounds waaayyy too good to be true, it probably is. You don’t want to pay someone just to tell you what you want to hear. A real spell caster will tell you if there are any drawbacks, bumps in the road, etc. Most won’t advertise them on their blogs or websites but consult them before hiring. Ask what the limitations are- And believe me, there ARE limitations to EVERY spell.


Offline payments

Every scammer would try to protect themselves and their identity, hence they always try to receive money via offline channels where your transaction is not protected. A genuine spell caster will always choose online payment methods such as PayPal to receive money because such a method protects the interest of both the parties. You are not protected when you are using offline mediums like Western Union or Bank Wire. Once you send the money through Western Union, consider it gone. Only online payment modes offer you security & protection of your transaction.


Using Salutation ‘Doctor or Dr.’ before their name (Lol)

It has become a trend among all spell casters (read scammers) to add salutation “Dr.” before their names. This is quite common and every dude is following the same technique. I just fail to understand why do you even need a Ph.D. to become a spell caster or were you a surgeon or dentist by profession? Well, I’m not trying to generalize as there could become unemployed Ph.D. holders who aren’t getting any jobs so they are satisfying their ego by scamming people and showing off the “Dr.” in their names. C’mon, if you hold a doctorate, you can earn far better by getting a job of a professor or earn way better & live a decent, respectful life by practicing in hospitals (in case you hold M.B.B.S.) degree!


Pay attention to the return policy.

This is quite a debatable topic, I would say! I would estimate that about 99% or more of all “spell caster” try to lure you by offering 100% money back. Genuine spell casters can not offer you money back & the same could be done by scammers too, but the majority of scammers would use this as bait for luring you to pay them. You may get attracted to those flashy logos present on their website that reads “100% money-back guarantee”. I’ve seen almost the same logo everywhere. I just have a question which would be a counter-question of what I’m going to justify now. Genuine spell casters may not be able to offer you money back. Now, this is perfectly fine- and it makes sense too. Provided the products or services are authentic, Spells and paranormal objects are hardly able to be “given back.” You can’t un-cast a spell, un-melt candle wax, and re-establish the ashes of the herbs used in casting or get the time back that it took to cast it. And often once an enchanted item has had one owner it will not be suitable to sell to another. BUT this does not mean that spell caster should not be held responsible after he has failed to deliver. A genuine spell caster should offer some type of service if you are dissatisfied. For example, if you had a spell cast and it failed, they might be willing to re-cast or offer you an alternative service. Now, can a scammer clarify how can he/she un-melt the wax or re-use the products that got exhausted while casting your spell and give you a full money back? Since I don’t have any perfect clarification on both the views, I could not conclude.


Kind of magic do they practice/Their knowledge of the paranormal

Very few people know that there are two kinds of black magic – one that I performed with the help of evil spirits and others in which good spirits are summoned. The former is often called “Dark magic” and it is not too different from traditional black magic. Dark magic is done whenever the motive of spell caster is to cause death, losses or curse to the target. It is often dangerous and could backfire very easily causing trouble to target as well as the spell caster. Only experienced spell casters can deal with evil spirits and have to ability to command them. If any Tom, Dick & Harry tries to command an evil spirit to fulfill his cruel intention, he’s just inviting infinite troubles (in some cases, even death!). Hence the spell caster must be able to tell you kind of magic/enchantment they will be dealing with, what culture it came from, the spiritual beliefs behind it, and anything else you want to know. If a spell caster isn’t highly knowledgeable about what they are offering, then they are either A) fake or B) not experienced enough to be worth hiring.


Completely unrealistic claims

Another very common way of figuring out scammers is to use your brains and understand that their claims are unrealistic. Like “Win a million dollar in the next 24 hours, Guaranteed!” Magic doesn’t work this way. Even claims like “Guaranteed result in 24 hours!” How are you so sure that spirits would follow your command and complete the job in 24 hours? This is just impossible and as a human being, I must say only God can do such miracles. Spirits can’t! Any spell takes at least a week to manifest properly before it could start showing results. See my other guide on How Spells Work. Also, as a general rule, it’s best to stay away from any spells lottery-related. Think of it this way: If a spell caster could make someone win the lottery by casting a spell, then why are they asking money from you? Anyone with that ability is likely to be sitting near poolside of their new mansion or driving a brand new Lamborghini that they bought with their lottery winnings and not selling spells online. Read my article on myths about money spells.


Lots of spelling and grammatical errors

A lot of spelling & grammatical errors- or even worse- words with magical meanings misspelled.

Cheap spells.

Casting a powerful spell is never cheap. NEVER. I would suggest that you get a basic spell cast for yourself rather than paying for a cheap or “affordable” spell. There nothing such a cheap or affordable in the world of spell casting. Spell caster is not competing with thousands of other sellers offering same services so there are no chances of negotiating. It’s not Amazon! Remember, commodities required to cast any powerful spell costs a lot (few hundred dollars to thousand dollars) as these items are not readily available and they are required to be sourced from different places. Consider this: A spell casting uses oils, candles, herbs, and any number of other exotic materials. Even the most minimal castings require some materials. It also takes time and a significant amount of spiritual energy to cast a spell. A few dollars won’t even pay for the materials alone. So if a spell seems like an incredibly great deal, think twice. Odds are there is no spell being cast, or it isn’t being cast with the proper time and materials needed to yield good results. You get what you pay for.


A lot of secrecy.

No spell caster will tell you exactly how they cast their spells, but they should be willing to give you the general outline. Also, watch out for tall tales. There are not that many great witch aunts out there dying and leaving trunks full of metaphysical items every day. I am also amazed to see how many ancient secrets are being passed down by families from far-away lands. A little mystery can be fun, yes, but when weighing the facts, your safest bet is probably with the less theatrics and more honest, “normal” caster.



Threats such as “You have wasted my time and now since you are not paying, I’m gonna curse you”. Many scammers would claim that you have wasted their precious time in consulting. If you don’t go ahead and buy their service, they will curse you and you are going to suffer for the rest of your life. Trust me, if you receive such threats, don’t give a damn about it and move away. Keep your hunt on.


Remember when going through spell casters that there is always more than meets the eye. There are a lot of fakes and frauds out there, and unfortunately, they know that the hopeful consumer is willing to open their wallet to someone they believe can bring them their hopes and dreams. But don’t let this discourage you. There are some good, kind, and genuine spell caster out there who follow through on their promises. You just need to take a little time and effort to sift through the facts. And if all else fails, trust your intuition. If something does or doesn’t feel “right,” then it is probably so.


I realize that this only brushes the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully, these basic tips and reminders will help you to hire a spell caster responsibly.

17 responses

17 Responses
  1. I love the information you have given because I just had a spell casted for me and I feel good about it but also at the same time of being positive about the spell i am also a little worried about if and when it will work.

  2. Thank you, I have just been looking for information about this subject for a while and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. However, what about the bottom line? Are you certain in regards to the supply?

  3. i like somebody else his nmae lee he doesn’t care to me…….

    and i do the love potion but not effective but that’s ok

    can u teach me how to have a magic? you are a authentic black magician.


  4. Hello kamil!

    If you don’t have the Power in you then don’t try to “learn” to do magic. Leave it to the professionals, it’s safer and easier. I had Chiranjeev cast a fortune spell for me 2 months ago and I have now been promoted to the designation I wanted. Whatever happens, I am certain that it was his spell bringing me this opportunity and now it’s up to me. He offered me a good luck spell but I prefer to trust in my natural luck since I don’t want to mess with the divine karma too much. We’ll see what happens but I have a good feeling about it!
    Take care all of you out there!

  5. Hello everyone! I was very interested in reading this blog! I have actually had a spell from him about one year ago and I had very good results from it. I can highly recommend him, hhe is dedicated, powerful and good to work with. Good luck./Molly

  6. i am in a relationship that i have been in for 4yrs now. my finance has trouble being faithful. i would like for him to be faithful to me and no one else. i need the spark and desire that was there 4 yrs ago. could you please help me? i want him to be only with me. I need a free spell caster.

  7. I feel like my man is under a spell. He changed over night leaving me and the kids all alone. We were best friends, a team, the perfect couple. I’m lost and can’t stop crying. I need help. I have been to so many. Spent thousands and nothing. I am depressed, distrustful. I am so you are good for real?

  8. ok hope things go well for you when you get the ball rolling.Me right now my ex told me to call,not for good news just telling me that our cat is not doing well and she thinkibg of putting him down over something we could fix if only we had 800 i told the women who is doing a cast for me to get my ex back to me if this is the start of us getting togther and what should i do to fix the cat.Im going through a women name Vera before i found this site but i keep you inform of whaz going on just i have a feeling there is something i can do to get the cat good and get her too but i trying everthing i can just started a new job but working only 3 nights a week making 7.25 an hour and the cant dont going to make it that long with not getting any food in him.I dont know im onmy end here trying to figure this one out.

  9. Hi guys! I just contacted him yesterday and he has already answered me and given me some suggestions on how to solve my situation (getting kicked out by my boyfriend and I love him). So far he seems very helpful and I will perform the procedure myself. I’ll let you know what happens…

    1. Carrie or anyone else who’s had a spell done by Chiranjeev, do you mind giving me an idea of how much you spent?


      1. Hi NoirGirl!
        Of course! I paid 498$ for the strongest of his spell suggestions for my situation.
        He will cast it after a week and I will do some rituals starting tomorrow! Really looking forward to it!

  10. @Carie, Also wanting to get a spell to fix not only my love situation but my finances. Can you keep us posted on how things go with you?
    I have a hard time believing in this but I am disperate.

  11. my names farjana and sadly I’m not rich enough being only in secondary/high school I can only have dreams about all the things I wish for and honestly all I want is money. sounds selfish since I want it and can’t provide it to you but I just want so much money to be be able to do anything, help the unfortunate, help my family and help myself. I just wanna do things I can’t. Honestly I used to get bullied and having acne marks I wish I had clear skin, it was one of my insecurities and I had no money to be able to help me skin but it is what it is. I think when I’m older I’ll forget about all these things you do and won’t be able to access you in the future so I’m trying to reach out now. Help me get rich? Without being harmed and harming anyone of Course, no bad karma on anyone haha. You probably don’t give a crap but oh well at least I’ll know it was worth a try.

  12. If the spell is “free”, then you are the sacrifice.

    Spells work on a principle of energy exchange. Some offering is given, not because the spirit needs it to work, but because the human needs to give something to open a receptive place in their soul for exchange, and so that they are not drained by the experience.

    So if someone is offering to do spells for free, as opposed to assisting you to do your own or something, it is because the spirits or alter/extradimensional beings they are working with eat people. They won’t charge you money, but you will give something else of value to the entities aiding you or who you think are aiding you.

    There may be some well meaning people out there who don’t know any better, and some imposter spirit has convinced them to enter into a scheme wherein they would feed an entity volunteer victims. So it’s not that the spellcaster themselves is malicious.

    Signs to look for in such a scheme would be if there are contracts involved or you are being told to focus on strange symbols that leave you feeling drained after meditating on them. Most humane or benevolent workings will have some sort of trident, cross, or chevron shaped protection type symbol as part of it. If you notice that crossings, hard angles, and trident shapes are avoided in a symbol, it may be a portal to something’s “belly”.

    Also beware if they ask you too much about certain sins or misdeeds you may have committed that have nothing directly to do with the work at hand. Some misdeeds or inappropriate actions create certain vulnerabilities or give the soul a certain tinge that some entities find more appetizing or exploitable.

    Finding a trustworthy spell caster can be a difficult thing, made more difficult by many young or inexperienced practitioner’s lack of knowledge. When you’re out there shopping for one, don’t let the price be the one and only criteria.

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