Curse and revenge spells

Curses and revenge are part of our everyday life; believe it or not.

When someone hurts you, you may want to go out of your way to do something to get back at them, which is revenge. If for any reason, you cannot get back at them, you may say one or two hurtful things to them, which is a curse.

In the world of magic, things tend to work a little more differently. Cursing or taking out a revenge on someone is not as light as it may be in a normal natural world setting; they are deeper and more dangerous. To place a curse with magic, curse spells are used; and to get back at someone, revenge spells are used.

Always note that there are repercussions for using any kind of spell. You have to be sure it is actually worth it before going ahead with it.


This may sound so cliché but the truth is that revenge is not always the best cause of action; neither is casting a revenge spell.

Why is revenge spell not the best cause of action when someone has hurt you so badly?

The universe made it so.

You see, the universe is such that you receive an amount of energy equal to the one you put out. If you put forth good energy through your deeds, then good will find its way back to you. If you send bad energy into the world through your deed, bad will also come back to you. It is called the law of Karma. So when you seek revenge over an act, you’re simply putting out bad energy into the world and it will come back to you. The universe does not care why you did it; you’ll just get served for putting bad energy out there in the form of a revenge spell.

Now, if you know about this law of Karma and you still want to go ahead with your revenge spell, make sure you’re using it to gain justice. As a matter of fact, some spell casters do not call it revenge spells, they call it justice spell.

Remember, casting a spell involves the use of energies (including the ones you generate yourself). If these energies are not applied in the right way, it may alter the process and outcome of the spell. To avoid this, it is better to go to a professional spell caster to help you out.


The curse spell is unlike many other spells that are customary to the world of magic. It is controversial, considering that it is done specifically to cause someone harm. Despite the controversy surrounding it, cursing has been a traditional part of the magic toolkit. This is why the efforts by the modern movement to stamp it out have failed to bear fruit. Ancient spell casters with long years of experience still keep to the more traditional path and respect the power and responsibility that comes with casting a revenge spell.

To cast a curse spell is one and the same with the intent to harm. If there is no intent to harm, the spell will not work.

Before you cast a curse spell on anyone, take some time to analyze the situation and be sure it ultimately leads to a solution to some sort of problems. It makes no sense wasting precious energy on non-solution oriented curses.

You may want to take the following considerations into account before casting a curse spell on anyone.

  • First, if your path and that of the person you want to curse crosses very often, it may not be a good idea to cast a curse spell on the person; especially if you want to keep the person in your life. This is because that person will always sense a negative energy from you any time your paths cross. This can stress the relationship between you two, leading to hostility, unnecessary emotional damage, and probably end the relationship.
  • Second, you do not want to lay a curse on someone if you want them to learn their lessons. Nobody learns anything from being cursed. If you’re going to place a curse on someone, its sole purpose is to harm the person, not to get them to learn a lesson, or to stop them from being bad in some sort of way.
  • Again, if you’re going to place a curse spell on someone, and you’re not sure of yourself, please consider involving a professional spell caster. A pro spell caster is more experienced, and understands more than you ever will about casting a love spell or any kind of spell at all. It is possible that an energetic or physical harm may come from casting a curse spell; not in a karma kind of way. A curse can be stronger than you intend it to, and can even lead to death when you didn’t mean for something like that to happen. Except you can live with that, if not, seek the help of an experienced spell caster.


Definitely, people ask a bunch of questions about spells. This is another good reason you need to involve an experienced spell caster if you decide to ever cast a spell. You get to ask him or her what applies and what does not.

When you want to place a spell on someone, you may wonder if it is wrong to hurt someone.

The concepts of wrong or right, good or bad, white or black are all relatively based on perspective. It is never that simple. However, if you’re going to hurt a person by casting a curse or revenge spell, you have to be ready and responsible enough to take what may come from it.

Another point to this is that morality is not universal. What you see as wrong may not be wrong I the eyes of others.

What about karma?

Quite frankly, there is so much misconception about karma. To put it in the simplest way, karma is nothing but cause and effect, nothing in between. There is always cause and effect in every other thing we do in life, but we get to over think it when it comes to spell casting.

You don’t have to be scared if you’re casting a spell for a noble cause such as to get justice, or to get love. It is perfectly senseless to waste energy on any spell that is not worthwhile.

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