cure cancer with black magic spell
Curing Cancer with Black Magic

Curing cancer through black magic – Analysis, Procedure brief, Results, and Expenses.

Curing cancer through black magic – Yes! You heard it right. I had been researching on it from quite some time where I tried a combination of various spells and to be honest this was a trial and error method which worked quite well. I haven’t tested it with all types of cancer patients, but so far it has worked very well for patients suffering from:


  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Lung Cancer
  3. Leukemia
  4. Melanoma
  5. Brain Tumour
  6. Prostate cancer
  7. Kidney cancer
  8. Liver cancer
  9. Thyroid cancer


This spell for curing cancer is not going to backfire and you can try it along with the medications and chemo. You never know what could save your precious life! If you try and it works, I will be able to help others suffering from the same kind of cancer.

I know the basic fact that cause of cancer is the same and we need to destroy the cancerous cells so you must be thinking that the spell should work for all types of cancer – well, that’s very much possible but unlike others, I would never suggest anything that I have not tried and tested. People suffering from the above-listed type of cancer came forward and tried my spell. It is working for a majority of them while I’m constantly taking updates from others. Of course, it is not going to work overnight and destroy cancerous cells immediately. It is little slow (faster than chemo), but shows effects.


Aren’t you curious to know how I did this? Well, keep on reading!


If you are not living in a cave or had been traveling in past through time machine, you must be well aware of one of the deadliest disease – Cancer. Medicine is advancing daily in curing cancer however results so far have not been satisfactory. Cancer is still considered as an incurable disease and person who is especially suffering from a malignant tumor is more likely to die. Curing cancer is extremely expensive and results are not always positive.

cure cancer free spell caster

Coming to the point. There are plenty of black magic spells for curing various diseases. It’s quite complex, but take it in this way – there is a very limited number of spells for known diseases. Most of the spells are for generic diseases and learned spell casters can easily use a combination of spells to summon guardian spirits and create spells for other discovered diseases. Black magic spell for cancer is something that is not very much practiced or discovered.


While browsing through Google to see if any other spell caster is working on curing cancer spells or has done any research on it, I found zillions of scammers claiming to have “cure” of cancer through black magic. How did I find if they are falsifying? Simple – there is no source or any data about how they are going to treat it. I never hesitate in accepting the fact that despite having experience of several decades in this field, I’m still learning. Everyday. No spell caster is “perfect” and they just cannot mug up all the spells. Knowledge has no end – that’s true!


I did my share of research on it and tested the spell on few people (with an assurance of no backfire). I don’t test spells that have chances of backfiring, especially for serious cases like curing cancer.


What did I do?


I would not disclose the whole procedure here otherwise some “brilliant” minds would try to be spell caster themselves and try this on their own without knowing any basics or serious outcomes & by trusting information on black magic spells on Google blindly. Not everything is a child’s play and you just cannot perform powerful spells on your own. Spells for curing cancer is definitely not!

I will explain the procedure in brief. Also, I’m not going to disclose the name of spirits for obvious reason, rather I will just address them from the fraternity they belong. First of all, all the animal’s lovers out there – accept my sincere apologies! This black magic spell entails the sacrifice of an animal (undisclosed, but don’t worry its domesticated meat animal) because we need to call upon 6 different guardian spirits and 1 demon spirit. A black thread is soaked in the fresh blood of the animal and spirits are summoned. I’m skipping further procedures. This ritual is performed for 7 using the blood of the same animal and after 7 days the thread is washed with protection-blessed water (I will explain about this water in another blog post). This thread along with the protection water is then given to the patient and he/she is also required to chant 3 different spells that are suggested by me. These spells are mainly for curing black magic that I came up with after combining different spells. The cancer patient should chant these 3 spells daily without fails and they should also pour the water on them once they are done chanting the spell. The thread should be worn on their wrist or on the neck (without attaching any locket).


Always remember, the subject was strictly suggested not to remove the thread in any circumstances and to avoid visiting any holy places. Avoiding contact with spiritual objects is highly recommended during the procedure.




In the cases of Breast cancer, Brain Tumour, Lung cancer, Kidney Cancer, Liver Cancer and Prostate cancer, the recovery timing was 180 days on an average. Percentage of recovery during this time period was above 73% on average which is a decent improvement and far better result than chemotherapy. I have not calculated the actual percentage since I am waiting for updates from other people as well, but for a majority, the results were as cited.




Now, this is a tricky part. Though there was very little difference in the spells for a different type of cancer, yet there was drastic variation in the requirement of commodities because spirits in every case are different. And to summon different spirits, the requirement of commodities is different. Hence the average cost involved was $2,200-$3,500. I know this is insanely expensive, but as explained in this post, powerful spells are expensive to cast. The reason is also explained there. Also, if you compare it with the price of chemotherapy and what you spend on medications, it’s way much affordable!





Prevention is always better than cure. Avoid smoking, limit consumption of alcohol, live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily & avoid UV rays of the sun.


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