Breast Cancer Treatment- The unusual method

Breast Cancer treatment

If you haven’t been living under the rocks or have been time-traveling, you must have heard of one of the common, yet lethal disease in women – Breast cancer. Yes, we all know that cancer in itself is a deadly disease and breast cancer is a form of it, which when not treated on time could lead to movement of cancerous cells in other parts of the body, and finally, death! According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 22 percent of people live at least five years after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. So what are the breast cancer symptoms including any early signs of breast cancer and finally, what is the “unusual” method of breast cancer treatment that we were talking about in the title of this article?

We’ll go step by step.

Firstly, let’s talk about the symptoms of breast cancer.

  • Unusual lump(s):

    Have you recently noticed any lump(s) while moving your hands across your breast? Or maybe near armpits? These lumps are not big enough to be noticed initially, but they could be felt. Now the question arises” “How often should I check my breasts?” Well, there is no definite answer than regularly. It could be weekly, monthly or even in a couple of months, but you should be regular.

signs and symptoms breast cancer lump
  • An abnormal change in shape:

    Initially the change in shape would not be too noticeable, but you may expect a little-reformed shape. For example, one might get significantly bigger than the other.

size or shape change breast cancer
  • Noticeable change in color:

    Nipples are usually pinkish, depending on your geographical location, but anything more pinkish (slightly towards the reddish color) could be a sign of breast cancer. If your breasts appear red, you must run and consult your doctor before it’s too late!

color change in breast
  • Irregular or unusual discharge from nipple:

    If you are suddenly noticing discharge from either of your nipples, it could be a sign of breast cancer. There are various other reasons for nipple discharge, so it is better if you consult your Doctor.

nipple discharge breast cancer
  • Weird Change in shape of nipples:

    Nipples are originally supposed to point towards out, but if you notice them shrinking or inverted downwards, it could be just another sign of breast cancer.

appearance or nipple direction
  • Breast Pain:

    This is slightly a myth. Not every breast pain could be a symptom of breast cancer. Oftentimes breast pain could cause due to various reasons. So do not panic when you are having breast pain, however, if it is constant, you are advised to see your doctor. This could be because of enlargement of lumps.

Having discussed the symptoms of breast cancer and its signs, we should now talk about the treatment of breast cancer. What is the unusual method we are talking about?

Well, I believe this is the right time to introduce myself. Hello, my name is Chiranjeev & I’m a spell. Yes, you heard it right! I practice witchcraft. To some of you, this may sound too weird, but I’m constantly devoting my time to finding the cure for cancer through black magic. Why I’m doing this? You can find the answer to your question by visiting this link.

I spent a little over 9 months in Varanasi with Aghori Sadhus to excel my knowledge in witchcraft. Aghoris Sadhus are the most superior tribes in the domain of witchcraft. They are devotees of Kaal Bhairav, an incarnation of Lord Shiva and believe you me, their powers are incomparable and they feed on human corpses! So why am I telling you all this after explaining the symptoms & early signs of cancer? It’s is because I have been researching in this field with my knowledge in witchcraft. Just to give you a summary, there are health spells which are used in various situations and to cure few curable diseases. I had been helping people with my skills for absolutely no cost, but eventually, I realized that I should be concentrating more on some serious issues than saving divorces or casting love spells to attract your significant other. No spells caster would like to do that throughout their life, right? I mean I didn’t learn spell casting to do love spells, binding spells, etc. So I started doing research on treatment of cancer and tried finding ways to get a cure for cancer. This is a challenging task because there are plenty of spells and procedure that a learned spell caster could learn & do and simply get the result, but it takes a lot of time, infinite “trials-and-errors” for finding a solution and procedure of a disease like cancer. Honestly, there are no spells for ‘every’ situation in this world. Sometimes a learned spell caster has to use a number of combinations of spells & procedure to get desired results. That’s what we call as trial and error. Especially for cancer, it was way more challenging. I have described the procedure in my white paper that tells cure of cancer through black magic.

Treatment of Breast Cancer

Since we are talking about breast cancer, I have seen a decent percentage of success through my spell and procedure. I’m constantly doing my share of research work on this and every time it gets better. I wouldn’t say that I have excelled in this and gotten 100% results, but yes, results were good. 62% of the subjects suffering from breast cancer who followed my spells & procedure saw improvement in their situation in approximately 180 days after starting the procedure. So if you compare the time taken by chemotherapy v/s my procedure, you will notice that while you will start noticing improvement within 180 days, you will require at least 6-8 months to recover from the side-effects of chemotherapy, leave aside the timeframe to complete chemotherapy and time required to see improvements. Please bear in your mind that so far no side-effects have been reported in the case of my spells. Absolutely no side-effect so far! I would strongly encourage you to read more about this on my whitepaper of cure cancer.


While there are variable expenses depending on the type of cancer and stage of it (as later stages would require slightly different procedure and spells than early stage), the expense noted for breast cancer was INR.142,000 (approximately $2,200). To some of you, this might sound an exorbitant price, but I would recommend you to compare it with the price of chemotherapy sessions and medications. Also, like I mentioned this whole procedure involves multiple steps, multiple spells along with the procurement of some uncommon herbs and other commodities, hence the amount is more than usual. You can discuss this with me in detail and I will explain you everything involved.

Are there any cons to it?

Well, I would like to list down a few that I have personally observed.

Chances of success:

While I consider 62% as a significant rate, to some novices this might sound too low. Trust me, 62% is a great number considering that I have been researching on it constantly and there was no ‘ready-to-go’ or existing spell for the cancer cure. I wouldn’t shy in admitting the fact that it did not work out for everyone who tried it and the remaining 38% are still waiting to see noticeable results. I’m constantly in touch with these folks and I’m giving the best advice and extra treatments. While few of them have reported improvements, they aren’t noticeable and hence I didn’t add them to the list of my success reports. Also, bear in your mind that even chemotherapy doesn’t guarantee a perfect success percent. In fact, chemotherapy is quite average in terms of success and it has side effects too!


I leave this on to you to decide. As a general human, I believe it is expensive, but then I see the prices of chemotherapy sessions and suddenly my thought-process changes.


No, I’m not talking in terms of side-effects, but there are inconveniences in terms of shipments, customs clearance, etc. Most of the time I will ship you various items which you will have to use on yourself (wear it, eat it, etc.) so shipping them to a foreign destination is a hassle. Sometimes it is delayed in custom clearance procedures that create a little inconvenience for the receiver, but ultimately the results would cover up all the inconveniences later. 🙂

So in case you are willing to try this, whether as a last resort, to save money from chemotherapy or to save your body from side-effects of chemotherapy, do not hesitate in contacting me. I would like to have a detailed discussion before suggesting or committing anything and to understand your situation better.

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Breast Cancer treatment

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