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Basic black magic spell and powerful black magic spell – Difference

Since I have to answer this question almost every day, I thought of writing down a short article about it. Oftentimes when I suggest a basic spell to people, I’m asked the difference between free black magic spell (basic) and powerful black magic spell.


Not many spell casters would tell you difference in these two, in fact, most of these so-called “spell casters” wouldn’t know if there are two types of black magic spell. Read this thoroughly and understand basic as well as major differences between these two.


Free Black Magic Spell (Basic Spells):


  • Basic black magic spells are comparatively weaker in terms of penetration, manifestation, and power.
  • We often summon spirits of the lower hierarchy to command. Such spirits do not ask for powerful mantras and commodities required to summon such spirits are very basic, readily available.
  • Casting a basic spell hardly takes 10 to a maximum of 30 minutes
  • Recommended for those who can not afford powerful spells and can wait to see results. It doesn’t cost anything.
  • It requires a lot of patience.
  • I use it for casting love spells mostly. Reason being I do not consider love or binding cases as an extremely pressing issue hence I do not prefer using powerful spell for it
  • The manifestation of basic spells can take anywhere from 6-8 months to an indefinite time to manifest. Timelines cannot be predicted.
  • Penetration is very low, hence if the target is surrounded by dark or even white energy, it is not going to show proper results.
  • You are required to stay away from any kind of white energy or elements that have positive energy, viz, idols of deities, holy books and other holy objects till you see results.

Powerful Black Magic Spell:


  • Powerful spells, as the name suggests, is the form of black magic that could be either dangerous or helpful, depending upon the intent. It could be proven deadly, too.
  • We often summon most powerful spirits of the hierarchy to accept the command. To summon these spirits, we need very powerful mantras and different commodities are needed to please them.
  • Casting a powerful spell could take anywhere from 2 to 7 days. Some powerful spells are needed to be performed at certain recurring intervals. It is time taking as well as expensive.
  • Seriously recommended for those who are in dire need of results. In some cases, the basic spell may not work, hence a powerful spell is suggested. It is also suggested when you’re running out of time.
  • Bear in your mind that it is very expensive to cast a powerful spell because of the requirement of commodities. Herbs & other necessary items are not readily available and they have to be procured from different sources.
  • It is comparatively faster due to excellent penetration capabilities
  • Chances of backfiring are higher, however, that depends upon the experience of the spell caster.
  • Some spells cause a little physical suffering to the target. The target may suffer from fever, minor accidents, etc. Don’t worry, there ain’t no fatal outcomes and I will warn you before proceeding with such spells.
  • Timeline for any spell cannot be predicted, however powerful spells are very much capable of showing results in 7-10 days.
  • It is not affected by the presence of holy objects around you, however, keeping a safe distance from those objects is going to be a wise decision until the spell is manifested.



So, folks, I hope you have gotten a very clear idea about the difference in both the spell. I have also clearly explained when to use a powerful spell and when to consider a basic spell. Both have their own pros and cons and I just can not say which one would be better for you. I totally leave that to you to decide.

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