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Looking for a free spell caster?


Explore the range of spells I offer. Get yours for free.


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It is vital to find a spell caster that really works because no one wants to waste their time and money on something that produces no result. You need to know whether the spell you are getting is one of the spells that actually work because if you hire a spell caster whose spell don’t work or backfire, you are complicating your situation.

Howdy, Pal!  Interested in knowing about me?

My name is Chiranjeev and I offer free spell casting for basic spells. I have a little over 35 years of experience in spell casting. To be honest, I’ve learned this mystical craft from Aghori Sadhus who are extremely skilled in this profession and have supernormal powers. You can read more about me by clicking the button below.

Wondering how black magic works?

I offer free tutorials to those who wish to learn basic spells. Of course, I can’t let you practice powerful spells for obvious reasons! Knowledge is free for all! Don’t worry, I teach basic spells which will manifest slow, but they will never backfire. A great tool to begin with spell casting lessons.

Do I guarantee success?

Believe it or not, but genuine spell casters can never “guarantee” results simply because they do not have the final say in the manifestation. Spells casters are not god, hence guaranteeing manifestation is something a genuine spell caster won’t do. There are either higher or lower chances of manifestation and that depends upon the experience of the spell caster. It also depends on how much they have excelled in summoning powerful spirits. Better the experience, the higher are the chances of manifestation.

Take an example – we all believe that Doctors have some kind of magical wand through which they can save anyone’s life, but that’s not the reality. Even the most qualified & experienced doctors fail simply because they too are human. Human beings can never be a substitute for God. Hence, assuming that a spell caster could never fail is absolute bullshit! I’m a human – just like you and there are gazillions of circumstances that are always going to be beyond my control.

Please do not compare me to the spell casters who have a huge ‘Guaranteed Results’ logo on their website. They are scammers & they boast to give guaranteed results because they want money. They will tell you virtually anything to get your money. They might even swear to make you as charming as Tom Cruise!

Just like a Doctor’s success is calculated from the number of successful surgeries he/she has performed, a spell caster’s success is determined by the number of cases that were resolved by the accurate manifestation of the spell.

Here’s how my success rate looks like in various categories

  • Cleansing & Hex Spell 87% 87%
  • Love Spell 92% 92%
  • Health Spell 83% 83%
  • Manipulation Spell 96% 96%


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between basic & powerful spells?

Simple – Basic spells are performed using basic commodities that are readily available. The supplies are not costly at all and they can be used for multiple spells, hence extremely cheap to cast. Results are extremely slow & chances of manifestation are average.

On the other hand, Powerful spells are performed using commodities that are difficult to source and hence, expensive. Their supplies required for summoning powerful spirits are often odd and these spells are powerful in nature with fast manifestation along with higher chances of success (Upto 75-80%)

To read more about differences between the two, click here – Basic spells vs. powerful spells

It’s necessary to understand the difference between both if you want a spell for a situation. Both are different in terms of manifestation, power, penetration, and momentum.

Why are powerful spells expensive?

Powerful spells require supplies depending upon the nature of the spell and the spirit to summon. There are many cases that can not be solved through basic spells because even if we wait for years, it won’t manifest and you are never gonna get the desired results. Period. Such cases require powerful spirits to be summoned and sourcing commodities is a challenging task. No, a powerful spell won’t cost you $50 or $100. Refrain buying such spells as they are scams! You get what you pay for. Believe you me, powerful spells are way more expensive than that. Don’t get trapped into the bait of scammers thinking that they are offering spells for cheap. There ain’t no such thing as a “cheap” or “affordable” powerful spell.

If I must explain it in simpler terms, I’d compare Bentley and Toyota. The former starts are $200,000 while the latter starts at $20,000. Both cannot be compared in terms of luxury, driving, handling, etc. Similarly, you cannot compare a $50 powerful spell offered by other spell casters & powerful spells that I offer

What's my usual response time?

I receive hundreds if not thousands of emails daily. As a human, I know everyone believes their issue is more pressing than others & it needs to be addressed at the earliest. Using my acumen, I may open your email within a few hours but reply to it after a couple of days, depending on the urgency. On some events, I may take a bit longer to respond. If I accept your case, I will schedule it on the basis of the next best available slot.

Why don't I charge for my basic services?

I sold my business before dedicating myself totally to this craft. I believe in helping people who have lost hundreds of dollars on spell casters who scam people out of their money. Trust me, there is always a couple of good apple amongst a dozen rotten ones. Free Spell Caster is a myth, but I believe in using my knowledge to folks who are in serious need of help.

How soon will I start working on your case?

On the risk of sounding arrogant, I would say I have my own way of working. While you have the right to believe that your case is more pressing, I may disagree with it. Firstly, I may or may not accept your case. Of 10 cases that I receive, I hardly accept 5 or 6. When I accept your case, I will schedule it according to the urgency on the next best available date. It might get preponed or postponed depending upon various unforeseen circumstances. In such events, I would expect you to cooperate with me.

Even if I decide not to work on your case, you’ll definitely be going to receive a notification from me. Do not worry if I fail to respond within 48 hours. 

Why did I decline your case?

Because your request is way too ridiculous! I don’t think it’s worth investing my time — Sorry, I can not make you a vampire, Dragon, Superman, millionaire or as handsome as Brad Pitt overnight! Here’s a list of things that I cannot do:

  • Change your gender
  • Help you in time travel
  • Kill someone you hate
  • Make a celebrity fall in love with you

Kindly refrain from contacting me if you have similar requests. If the request is awfully crazy, I might even troll you, so beware!

Straight from the horse’s mouth 

These are some of the latest reviews from my highly-satisfied clients.

Disclaimer: Reviews are posted after taking consent from their respective reviewers, which includes revealing their first name. Your privacy is secured & I will never post anything that jeopardizes anyone’s privacy.


“This new layout of Chiranjeev’s website has been designed by me from scratch. As you can probably guess, it is my token of gratitude for his services. I must say that he is extremely professional. He gives attention to every minuscule detail in the case. I might be saying just too much, but his powers are no less than that of God’s! His spells are highly impactful. He had put his time & efforts in helping me, I paid back by redesigning his boring website ;)”


“I talked to Chiranjeev some few days ago and told him about my husband who was about to file a divorce and I was so worried it would take a while before he would cast my spell to him but it’s to my surprise that it has been so fast thank you Chiranjeev for making my heart feel so much happiness.”


“Internet is full of fake spell casters who eat into your time, energy and last but not the least, money. I lost so much money on such scammers before I found Chiranjeev. I must say his professional approach is applaudable. He was very realistic in terms of timelines. It took almost a month to see the results, but he had already communicated that beforehand. A month’s wait did pay-off in the end! Lots of love from Austria!”


“First of all, I would like to thank Chiranjeev for his service. For casting a spell to return of my love into my life, I strongly believed and trusted Chiranjeev for his work and help he is doing for thousands of people, I’m one of them and I strongly believe in miracles and I have seen positive intention from Chiranjeev’s spell casting.”


“Being a small business owner, I was facing plenty of challenges with regards to finances & new customers. This was highly impacting my physical and mental health, and that’s when I decided to go ahead with Chiranjeev’s fortune spell. I cannot complain about the cost as it gave me almost 400x return on my investment within a couple of months! Trust me, fellas, his spells really work!”


“I am really excited to see results and be witness to this universe and efforts that Chiranjeev put into my work. Meanwhile, I will hold on to positive intentions, patience, determination to welcome back my love into my life once again and I hope this universe will extend emotional support to achieve my goal. Chiranjeev..you are a beautiful soul 🙏🌸😍💞”