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Why I don't charge for my services?

I sold my business before dedicating myself totally to this craft. I believe in helping people who have lost hundreds of dollars on spell casters who scam people out of their money. Trust me, there are always a couple of good apple amongst a dozen of rotten apples. Free Spell Casters is a myth, but I believe in using my knowledge to folks who are in serious need of help.

What is the difference between Basic & Powerful Spell?

Simple – Basic spells are performed using basic commodities that are readily available. The supplies are not costly at all and they can be used for multiple spells, hence extremely cheap to cast. Results are extremely slow & chances of manifestation are average.

On the other hand, Powerful spells are performed using commodities that are difficult to source and hence, expensive. Their supplies required for summoning powerful spirits are often odd and these spells are powerful in nature with fast manifestation along with higher chances of success (Upto 75-80%)

To read more about differences between the two, click here – Basic spells vs. powerful spells

Do I assure 100% success rate?

No, never! Genuine spell casters can never “guarantee” results simply because they do not have final say in the manifestation. Spells casters are no God hence guaranteeing manifestation is something a genuine spell caster won’t be able to do. There are always higher or lower chances of manifestation, which depends upon the experience of the spell caster & how much they have excelled in summoning powerful spirits. Better the experience, more are the chances of manifestation.

Scammers boast to give guaranteed results because they are SCAMMER! They will tell you virtually anything to get your money. They will even promise to show results in a couple of days when the truth is no spell in the world manifests that fast.

How fast do I respond to queries?

I receive hundreds, if not thousands of emails daily. As a human, I know I everyone believes their issue is far more pressing than others that need to be addressed at the earliest. On the basis of my acumen, I may open your email within few hours but reply to it after a couple days, depending on the urgency. On some events, I may take much longer to respond. If I accept your case, I will schedule it on the basis of next best available slot.

How soon will I start working on your case?

On the risk of sounding arrogant, I would say I have my own way of working. While you have the right to believe that your case is more pressing, I may disagree with it. Firstly, I may or may not accept your case. Of 10 cases that I receive, I hardly accept 5 or 6. When I accept your case, I will schedule it according to the urgency on the next best available date. It might get preponed or postponed depending upon various unforeseen circumstances. In such events, I would expect you to cooperate with me.

Why did I decline your case?

Because your request is way too ridiculous! I don’t think it’s worth investing my time — Sorry, I can not make you a vampire, Dragon, Superman, millionaire or as handsome as Brad Pitt overnight!

Why are powerful spells expensive?

Answered in FAQ #2. Powerful spells require supplies depending upon the nature of spell and the spirit to summon. There are many cases that can not be solved through basic spells because even if we wait for years, it won’t manifest and you are never gonna get the desired results. Period. Such cases require powerful spirits to be summoned and sourcing commodity is a challenging task. No, a powerful spell won’t cost you $50 or $100. Refrain buying such spells as they are scams! You get what you pay for. Believe you me, powerful spells are way more expensive than that. Don’t get trapped into bait of scammers thinking that they are offering spells for cheap. There ain’t no such thing as a “cheap” or “affordable” powerful spell.

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